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10 lbs
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Footwise maintains strong hooves, healthy skin, and a gleaming hair coat for your horse. If your horse is plagued by one or more of the following issues - poor hoof quality, brittle mane and tail or a dry, dull hair coat - then he/she may need additional nutrients. Why waste precious riding time waiting for the farrier to replace lost shoes? Why feed messy oils to improve your horse's coat condition? The combination of nutrients found in FootWise makes it easy to maintain healthy skin, hair, and hooves, giving you more time to enjoy your horse. 10 lb. container.

  • Aids in the elimination of dry, flaky hair coats and brittle manes and tails
  • Maintains healthy hoof tissues so they are less susceptible to developing hoof problems such as thrush and white line disease
  • Sustains a strong, resilient hoof wall, reducing the incidence of cracks, chips, and lost shoes
  • Supports the re-growth of healthy hoof after injury or surgery

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Instructions: For maintenance, provide 1 scoop (1 oz) per day. Horses or ponies that need additional support: 2 scoops per day.

Ingredients: Each scoop contains Methionine 3,000 mg; Lysine 1,000 mg; Zinc 200 mg; Copper 65 mg; Iodine 2 mg; Biotin 20 mg.